Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello everyone!
I will tell a little to my life, since I was five. since childhood I have lived in many places, when I have five years lived in Graneros, a town near to Rancagua. I always played with friends to my street, we often played football in my house or played with my toys. I liked watch tv, my favorites cartoons were the ninja turtles and the power rangers. In summer I really like drink a very cold fruit smothie with my brother. When I had ten years I still lived in Graneros but we moved to other house, there we play with my brother and my neighborhoods, we ride the bikes and skate for the streets. Then I moved to Santiago, when I have twelve. This change was very hard, because I'm not used travel long distances and riding the bus, but in general it was one the most valuable experiences of my life. With my friends we went out and did many things together, like do evil things, but we had a good time. After to lived in Santiago I moved to Los Andes when I was sixteen years and there finish the secondary, this moment was very important because I became a father!, since this moment my life change completely. When I finished the secondary return to Santiago for study geography. My changes are generally related with the places where I lived, in each of this I lived different things, all these very important for me.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The last fieldtrip

The last fieldtrip went to Coquimbo-La Serena-Montepatria, we stayed four days in the north of Chile visit differents landscapes. we were two courses together: urban planning and environmental analysis. This fieldtrip is considerate for many the best fieldtrip to the college because we had the oportunity to go out and fun a lot.
My experiencie was a fantastic, I ate, I drank, I didn't sleep, I had fun and other things...
Near to the school where we slept had a stream, we enjoy there an afternon playing cards and talking. This afternoon some play football, it was very funny, I enjoyed a lot this afternoon.
Also we had a class with a professor to La Serena university, she showed us the urban planification problems to La Serena and we visit a vulnerable wetland in Coquimbo.
The most beautiful was the Fray Jorge national park, we did a long walk for arrive to the route, when we was there we can see the ocean and understand how was posible find these vegetation in this place, so beautiful. Later we were to Guanaqueros bech where to lunch and go for a swim and enjoy to the beach. In this night we ate a big barbecue and celebrate for the best fieldtrip.
In my opinion this fieldtrip is the best because we have fun a lot, but isn't the best for to learn. It was the last long fieldtrip together and for this reason had t enjoy it. Thank you very much to all you for make ths fieldtrip!

Monday, January 2, 2012

people who are rich are happier tthan poor people??

I think that isn't a correct affirmation because in my opinion the happiness hasn't relation with the concentration of money, obviously when you have money is easy to confused and think that money is the reason of the happiness. When you don't have money, you have two options, the first is regret for don't have money thinking that the money is the happiness. For other side, if you consider that the money is only material things and it's only complentary in your life, you can focus in other things like that the relationships between you and other peoples, the own know, etc...

The people that have a money many times don't have anything else, spend his life only on spend money, for the superficial satisfaction. Is important too to observe the things that really important of the life, we don't come here to spend money!. I think that a very important step in the human life is leave behind the money.

Other cultrues, like the oriental cultures, know the money isn't the most important, they know that the way are ourselves and our know. For me, the spiritual knowledge is the most important thing, when you accept this, you don't need the money of the same way.

When the people they consider themselves poor, is because in this social system the happiness is about have things, for example the people of south of chile in the mountain or patagonia zones, they don't have anything that the people of the city need, so these people don't need anything of that, however they have all of they need for live!

Monday, December 5, 2011

My neighbourhood

The neighbourhood where I live is a traditional neighbourhood because it is located in the centre of Santiago his name is “Barrio República”, here exist many universities and many foods shops for the students, also you can find libraries. On the day, the neighbourhood is taken for the students of the universities, is very difficult to walk on the sidewalk, when the day ends only a few peoples walk for the neighbourhood and on the night is completely empty.
Nearly to my house there are two supermarkets and opposite to them there is a Manuel Rodriguez square, there are games for children. For the nearly streets go past microbus to the center of Santiago and other places. On the neighbourhood there are a many minimarkets and greengroceries where you can buy. If you think on the basic services (fire station, police and hospital) the neghbourhood doesn’t have hospital nearly, the other services are fulfilled.
If we considerate the pollution of the place, this doesn’t change to much compared with the other places of the centre of Santiago, for this reason in my personal opinion the “barrio República” is a very quiet and very simple neighbourhood,  if this had more green areas will be perfect!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

another free theme...

In this occasion I would like to talk about meditation. The meditation is a practice mainly developed in India and Asia, it's a tool used for many purposes but generally associated with the physical and mental welfare. This is a connection with the soul, a contemplation of being that in conclusion is all.

The meditation should be important side in our lives, in this quickly life we lose conection with ourselves, our thoughts are constantly focused on the future and this way we forget what happens with our body, is necessary live the present and pay attention to occur in this moment.There are many typs of meditation, depending of the rason or if this practice is religious or not. I am recently serching information and putting into practice these knowledges and I think that are very important for our ingrowth.

I invite you to know about a little be about meditation, for begin to include it in our lifes. Regards!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

free theme!

Well, when we have the possibility to write anything, always come to my mind what people like to do, then it came the idea to write about music. The music is everywhere, I think that comes from most deepest instincts. Recently I discovered that I like the music that come of the instinct, is for this reason that I like the percusion instruments, I think this is the most basic form to make music, I think that the rhythm is the base of the music, takes us on a trip that conect us with ourselves, instinctively. Is for this reason that I'm interested for a particular sound, the Candombe. The Candombe is the music and dance broght the African people to Uruguay in slavery times. The rhythm is built from three drums: piano drum; chico drum and the repique drum, toghether form the Candombe. This rhythm is accompanied for dancers, they have characters that represent the colonial times.

I'm going a workshop to Candombe where a Uruguayan teacher taught us the differents rhythms of the drums. He told me that in Uruguay have a date where a lot of Comparsas compete to demostrate who is the best. The Comparsas are the group of musicians and dancers that belong from a place.

We get toghether in Bogotá square, two saturdays per month! you are invited!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The best holydayssss

Well, this post is about my favorite holidays, these holdays were a long time a go when I was a little children... In this time I go with my pattern family to Rapel Lake, we stayed in a campsite called "Paraiso campsite", we slept in tents and my grandfather had a motorhome where we cooked. in this campsite there had a lot of childrens and toghether with my cousins we make a big friends.
With they, we go to ride in a motorboat, sailed in a sail, ride in a motorcycle and a lot of things more. Rapel Lake hasn´t a beauty landscape in summer because it´s hills are very dry and brown, but we are childrens this hadn´t very importance.
This time we stayed two weeks in the Rapel Lake and I enjoyed wery much because I was with my family, I did a lot of things and I met nice people.
This was my most happy holydays of my infancy!